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Tail Waggin’ Starts Here

Blackberry Biscuits Gourmet Dog Treats are blessed by grandmothers who shared old-fashioned baking wisdom handed down from their mothers. To honor these accomplished bakers, we mix wholesome regional ingredients from Kentucky in antique bowls and hand knead dough exactly like it was prepared decades ago. Heck, we still use Grandmother’s vintage rolling pins, and know she’s smiling from Heaven in approval. The fragrant aroma of Blackberry Biscuits while baking makes you just want to breath in deeply and soak up the warm goodness. It’s no wonder dogs absolutely crave the unique taste of Blackberry Biscuits.

Many folks have said Blackberry Biscuits look good enough for them to eat, which prompts us to share a secret. Our bakers do taste every batch! You see, if a treat isn’t healthy for us, it isn’t healthy for our best friends, and we refuse to compromise. All of us at Blackberry Biscuits encourage you to choose the tastiest gourmet dog treats on Earth and witness our tail waggin’ good claim firsthand. You’ll soon discover we love dogs and proudly incorporate that affection into every single biscuit we bake!

Rolling pin on a table
Baking wisdom

From Kentucky

We’re grateful for this opportunity to share a brief glimpse of what makes Blackberry Biscuits special. The founders of Blackberry Biscuits refuse to produce any food source for their best friends that they can’t consume themselves, so all ingredients of Blackberry Biscuits are safe for human consumption. In fact, our bakers taste each batch to ensure exacting standards are met.

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Pile of seven biscuits
Handmade biscuits

Blackberry Biscuits are registered and recognized by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture as a Kentucky Proud product. We’re very proud of this distinguished certification intended! Blackberry Biscuits are oven baked using old-fashioned baking methods teamed with natural ingredients including winter wheat and white corn grains grown on Kentucky farmlands, them milled in Midway, Kentucky by Weisenberger Mill, a time-honored family operation since 1862. Also, Blackberry Biscuits contain an abundance of heart healthy apples, whole grain rolled oats, and blackberries, the state fruit of Kentucky, harvested by state fair blue ribbon producers at Bramble Cane Farm in Bourbon County near Paris, Kentucky.

Blackberries are not only delicious, they provide a clinically proven source of antioxidants which improve one’s overall health and well-being. Most folks don’t realize dogs love many types of berries from blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, to blackberries. If fact, a gentleman from Central Kentucky tells us his dogs enjoy eating low hanging ripe blackberries right off wild canes each summer.

Wholesome Blackberry Biscuits do not contain any form of artificial dyes, toxic chemicals, inert fillers, or harmful preservatives, while they do provide an excellent source of natural fiber and a satisfying flavor. Pooches not only benefit from our healthy gourmet treats, they thoroughly enjoy receiving them. Blackberry Biscuits is a family-owned American product, hand-crafted and freshly baked in Paris, Kentucky. Our brown bag packaging highlights an intrigue of bygone days. You’ll soon notice how quickly dogs react to the distinctive rattle of a paper bag of Blackberry Biscuits. Crinkle the bag and watch those tails wag!

Few blackberries on a tree

There’s no need for refrigeration. Simply store in a cool, dry location like a kitchen cabinet or pantry shelf. We recommend breaking treats in half or even quarters appropriate for your dog’s physical size, then serving them freely as a treat or reward. Please know we stand behind each biscuit we bake, so if you or your pooch isn’t pleased, we’re a phone call away from making things right. You have our promise on that!

Folks from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky pride themselves on traditional values and integrity, so when dog lovers are asked about their best friend’s treat preference, you can believe it when they tell you Blackberry Biscuits are just doggone tasty!

Two bags of tasty Blackberry Biscuits Gourmet Dog Treats each contain six (6) net ounces (approximately 38 wholesome biscuits), offering the perfect size for all breeds.

Two-pack dog biscuits